HTTPS on my Website

Created: 2016/08/23 22:33:20+0000

Have you noticed? Is it there? The padlock by the URL? If not you should try loading this page over HTTPS. Recently thanks to Let's Encrypt I've enabled HTTPS on my website for you.

HTTPS is how webpages load securely. It allows your web browser to verify that the page came from a trusted source, and so long as that trust is not misplaced that it came from the source you thought it did. It helps to ensure that the page was not modified by someone else after it was sent to you. It obscures what is exchanged between your browser and the site you vist but does not hide what site that is.

It does this by negoatiating a TLS connection. TLS is the foundation for secure web technologies and has been around in one version or another for over two decades. It provides security and allows any sort of traffic to go over the top. TLS works by using certificates that your browser can verify and setting up symmetric encryption between the site and your browser.

Let's Encrypt is an initiative to increase the adoption of HTTPS and TLS by making certifcates freely and easily available. It's certainly easier even on less well supported environments to get and install certificates. Let's Encrypt provides a tool called certbot that runs on your webserver to request, install and renew certificates. This tool does almost all the work the website administrator would traditionally be required to do.