About me, Matt Champion

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Hello, my name is Matthew 'Matt' Champion. I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and the University of Southampton in 2012 with a Master's degree in Software Engineering with Distinction. Between these I had a job at OpenBet where I worked as a Software Developer. OpenBet use an internally developed application server and libraries to script server side behavior using Tcl scripts. After working there for three years I left to work on a Master's degree because after three years out of University I believed if I did not do it then I never would. I've recently started a new job at Push Technology as their Customer Centric Engineer. It has a completely different product to OpenBet but shares many of the same customers. As you can see from this website I spend my free time coding, you can take a look at my projects to see what I do.

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