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My website is an attempt to demonstrate (show off) what I can do and share what I spend my time on. It also allows me to practice and experiment with technologies for dynamically generating web pages.

I used to work at a company that used an internally developed application server and libraries to script server side behaviour using Tcl scripts. These technologies are not widely used so I thought it would be a good idea to become familiar with more recognised technologies. Server side I used JSP, Struts2 and MySQL to implement a crude content management system which I use to drive this website. This text is stored in a database running on a server somewhere in the world.

Client side I 've used a touch of JavaScript with the jQuery library for the menus. I use this to make the submenus appear and disappear. I had a problem with the menus where when I made the submenus appear with absolute positioning and then I tried move the cursor onto the submenu it would disappear again. In the end I gave a slight delay to hiding the submenu to allow time to move the cursor onto it and then hide it only when I is not over either. I've played with some of the functionality provided by CSS3. Rounded boarders and discrete rotations.

I use a tool called AuDAO to generate the Data Access Objects, Data Transfer Object and SQL. These are generated from an XML description of the tables. I found it very useful and it is a convenient way to access a database from Java. That said it isn't suited for high volume website, I was unable to find out any information on optimising performance. The data objects map directly onto the tables generated by the SQL. Much of the functionality provided by databases and SQL is make unavailable because of this.