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My website is an attempt to demonstrate (show off) what I can do and share what I spend my time on. It also allows me to practice and experiment with technologies for dynamically generating web pages.

I used to work at a company that used an internally developed application server and libraries to script server side behaviour using Tcl scripts. These technologies are not widely used so I thought it would be a good idea to become familiar with more recognised technologies. Server side I used JSP, Struts2 and MySQL to implement a crude content management system which I use to drive this website. This text is stored in a database running on a server somewhere in the world.

Client side I 've used a touch of JavaScript with the jQuery library for the menus. I use this to make the submenus appear and disappear. I had a problem with the menus where when I made the submenus appear with absolute positioning and then I tried move the cursor onto the submenu it would disappear again. In the end I gave a slight delay to hiding the submenu to allow time to move the cursor onto it and then hide it only when I is not over either. I've played with some of the functionality provided by CSS3. Rounded boarders and discrete rotations.