Removing ClojureScript

Created: 2016/01/03 15:42:12+0000

Sad to say I've removed ClojureScript from my website. Porting everything to vanillia JavaScript. Everything seems to still work. I did it for a simple reason. I was able to reduce the size from 1,136.69 KiB to 4.47 KiB. It's the cost of the runtime. I could have squeezed the ClojureScript down with minification and compression but my website is light enough to just write JavaScript instead of generating it.

It wasn't that long ago I added the ClojureScript but I've not been able to get the size out of my head. I still like ClojureScript but for the web I can't make it small enough. The JavaScript code is not too different. Minor syntax and styling changes mostly. A little more verbose but nothing to worry about. I may take another look at how ClojureScript is getting along in a few months but for now I'll make do with curly-brackets.