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Gone single page
  Created - 2017/03/07 16:51:33+0000

My latest website update takes it to a new place, it has gone single page . Now internal links will generally cause a partial replacement of page. I didn't use any frameworks and was able to reuse much of my existing code. Clicking links is intercepted and the link is checked to see if it is possible to load the content into the existing page. If it is, an HTTP request is made for a JSON document, the document contains the HTML snippet and some metadata. The HTML is generated on the server usin... read more

Now I'm now repeating myself
  Created - 2017/02/04 21:06:13+0000

So I recently posted an article I had floating around as a draft for a while. I't been a while since I last posted and it seemed like a quick way to release something. I made a few edits and posted. Turn's out I had already posted it a few months earlier . Oh well. The new versions's better, now I'm now repeating myself.

How's TypeScript?
  Created - 2017/01/15 20:51:53+0000

I had planned to complain about TypeScript because I couldn't generate the doc the way I wanted (documentation generation matters). Then I found the flag to fix it so I decided to say something nice. Yes, TypeScript is a bit better than JavaScript. No, I'm not going to change my website to use it any time soon but that is because I'm tired of rewritting it. I had implemented a simple JavaScript library and application to poll and parse a JSON resource. Then I asked myself, why JavaScript? I... read more

HTTPS on my Website
  Created - 2016/08/23 22:33:20+0000

Have you noticed? Is it there? The padlock by the URL? If not you should try loading this page over HTTPS . Recently thanks to Let's Encrypt I've enabled HTTPS on my website for you. HTTPS is how webpages load securely. It allows your web browser to verify that the page came from a trusted source, and so long as that trust is not misplaced that it came from the source you thought it did. It helps to ensure that the page was not modified by someone else after it was sent to you. It obscures wh... read more

I think I'm finally beginning to understand Maven
  Created - 2016/07/24 15:48:59+0000

After four years I think I'm finally beginning to understand Maven. Long ago when I started releasing projects with Maven I made a hash of it. I went through guides and tutorials and was able to release to Maven central but I had little understanding of what was going on. This is the downside to convention over configuration, less explicit knowledge about how to do things. Practically the downside is infrequent code releases as it is too much of a bother to fight Maven. Years on though I've gain... read more