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Deflate and IE
  Created - 2013/03/29 21:00:36+0000

When I recently added support for the deflate content encoding I broke my website in IE. The static content became unreadable in IE. It turns out that IE only accepts raw deflate data without a wrapper. This means that within the code for compression I need to match on the User-Agent header. Any IE browser requesting deflate receives the raw deflate encoding and any other browser requesting deflate receives the wrapped deflate encoding. The deflate wrapper is defined in RFC 1950 and the deflate com... read more

Sigining RDF documents
  Created - 2013/06/23 10:47:42+0000

About a month ago I decided to sign my RDF documents. I found the Web of Trust ontology to do this and it appeared to provide what I needed. I based by work on the examples they provided and everything seemed fine until I noticed that the examples were not fully supported by the specification. I was signing my documents using a detached signature that I would link to from the documents. The endorser element used in the example was missing from the schema. I looked through the schema and was unable to ... read more

How work cascades
  Created - 2013/06/23 10:08:32+0000

It started when I noticed that the detached signatures of the RDF documents were not correctly linked. There was an extra '/' at the start of the path. I recognized this problem immediately as a mistake in the XML file. The host is described in the XML file as an entity ending with a '/'. The path following on from this also included a '/' so I thought I would taken 10 minutes to fix and release it. Easy, releasing it would be the hardest part. I then noticed that there was dupli... read more

Website update
  Created - 2015/08/02 22:00:40+0000

I've recently substantially updated this website. It now makes use of HTML5 (it took a long time for me to get round to it I know), the client side has been rewritten in ClojureScript (much nicer than JavaScript) and the server side has been simplified (boring). It has taken longer than intended to finish but it is now in great shape. Let me tell you about why. The client side scripting is not very extensive on my site but going forward I decided I'd rather work in ClojureScript than JavaScript. ... read more

Removing ClojureScript
  Created - 2016/01/03 15:42:12+0000

Sad to say I've removed ClojureScript from my website. Porting everything to vanillia JavaScript. Everything seems to still work. I did it for a simple reason. I was able to reduce the size from 1,136.69 KiB to 4.47 KiB. It's the cost of the runtime. I could have squeezed the ClojureScript down with minification and compression but my website is light enough to just write JavaScript instead of generating it. It wasn't that long ago I added the ClojureScript but I've not been able to get th... read more