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HTTPS on my Website
  Created - 2016/08/23 22:33:20+0000

Have you noticed? Is it there? The padlock by the URL? If not you should try loading this page over HTTPS . Recently thanks to Let's Encrypt I've enabled HTTPS on my website for you. HTTPS is how webpages load securely. It allows your web browser to verify that the page came from a trusted source, and so long as that trust is not misplaced that it came from the source you thought it did. It helps to ensure that the page was not modified by someone else after it was sent to you. It obscures wh... read more

Gone single page
  Created - 2017/03/07 16:51:33+0000

My latest website update takes it to a new place, it has gone single page . Now internal links will generally cause a partial replacement of page. I didn't use any frameworks and was able to reuse much of my existing code. Clicking links is intercepted and the link is checked to see if it is possible to load the content into the existing page. If it is, an HTTP request is made for a JSON document, the document contains the HTML snippet and some metadata. The HTML is generated on the server usin... read more

Outage postmortem: 10th of March
  Created - 2017/03/15 22:48:56+0000

My website suffered a recent outage and having identified the likely problem I thought I would do a postmortem. On the 10th of March, a Friday evening, my website stopped responding to requests. The ngnix server remained up and timed out the requests. Service resumed after restarting the Tomcat server. There is still some uncertainty but it appears the cause of the failure was the inability to get database connections from the pool. This site uses Filters to process the request and gather the inform... read more

  Created - 2018/07/04 19:30:16+0000

I've enabled HTTP/2 for my new subdomain . This new domain is to allow me to trial new web features that may not work in all browsers. This includes features like ES6 modules . To begin with I'm adding HTTP/2 support.