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Stick it in the Manifest
  Created - 2013/02/18 22:42:03+0000

Recently at work I came across a Great Idea or at least a very good practice for Java developers. I was gathering information on the use of open source software at work, which no one had kept track of before. This meant that the libraries, versions and license information was unknown. Sometimes this was simple enough. The JAR files would start with the library name and had the version appended to them. The licenses could be looked up online. Sometimes it wasn't straight forward. The version wasn't appended... read more

  Created - 2012/11/08 20:27:15+0000

I went to a job interview a little while ago for a company that uses Node.js. I'd always quite liked JavaScript (apart from the DOM methods) and it stood out in my mind as it is the most common prototype based object oriented language generally in use. This made me think about using it as a general purpose scripting language. I downloaded and built Google's V8 JavaScript engine and quickly had a standalone shell for JavaScript. I plan to play with this.