About Tree Root project

Parent project for Tree Root library.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Tree Root API API for Tree Root library.
Simple collections Simple collections of objects.
Tree Root SPI Provides an API for implementing services.
Tree Root matchers Basic tree matchers.
Tree Root node selectors Node selectors for tree root.
Iterators Iterators used by the project. These are utility iterators, not iterators for traversing trees.
Tree querying support Parent project for Tree Root library.
Tree Root traversers Tree traversal strategies.
Common walkers Implementations of common walkers
Common reducers Implementations of common reducers.
Utilities Provides utilities used by the implementation but not directly related to trees.
Tree Root API provider Provider for trees API. This service provider is also a service consumer. Implementations for trees need to have separate providers.
Tree Basic Nodes Basic implementation of nodes.
Tree wrappers Wrap nodes as a tree.
Tree Root linked tree Mutable, thread-unsafe tree.
Immutable tree implementation Immutable implementation of an immutable tree
Mutable tree implementation Implementation of a mutable tree
Path copy tree implementation Implementation of a path copy tree
Binary tree implementation Implementation of binary trees
Mutable binary tree implementation Implementation of mutable binary trees
Binary search tree implementation Implementation of binary search trees.
String tree support Provides support specifically for string based trees and nodes.
Integration tests Integration tests for tests that depend on multiple modules
Tree Root examples Example usage of the Tree Root API and implementations