0.0.0 - Failed release

Wednesday August 27 21:00:51 2014

0.0.1 - Failed release

Wednesday August 27 21:15:37 2014

0.0.2 - Initial release of API

Wednesday August 27 22:37:17 2014

0.0.3 - Failed release

Thursday January 22 20:59:57 2015

0.0.4 - Second release of API

Thursday January 22 21:27:56 2015

  • Added leaf method to nodes
  • Renamed all interfaces to conform to convention
  • Allow mutable trees change the root node
  • Added balanced tree API
  • Made the handling of unknown SPI implementations explicit
  • Added iterators
  • Changed the generic parameters of tree builders, NodeMatcher, NodeSelector, TreeSelector, tree iterators
  • Added a binary tree API
  • Added sorted tree API
  • Changed the getChildren method of nodes to return a SimpleCollection
  • Moved the methods to get the builders out of Trees into a factory
  • Changed the class names of the factories
  • Changed the method names of the Trees interface to get the factories
  • Added element walkers and iterators
  • Added path copy based tree
  • Moved collections into separate package
  • Moved tree implementations into separate packages
  • Provided some support for mutating trees through iterators
  • Added new selectors
  • Added copy based node to tree converter to SPI
  • Added abstract node implementations
  • Added copy path tree SPI components
  • Added bounded key SPI components
  • Added type key to tree builders to help match generics
  • Added separate keys for default specific implementations

0.0.5 - Failed release

Wednesday June 10 22:09:16 2015

Deploy goal skipped

0.0.6 - Failed release

Wednesday June 10 22:43:55 2015

Deploy goal skipped

0.0.7 - Bad release

Wednesday June 10 23:22:02 2015

Root POM not deployed, prevents dependency resolution

0.0.8 - Third release of API

Wednesday June 10 23:22:02 2015

  • Renamed project to Tree Root
  • Separated tree implementations into different modules
  • Separated tests that rely on multiple modules into separate module
  • Separated tree implementations into different packages
  • Separated common elements into different modules
  • Made examples executable
  • Renamed examples module
  • Allow the creation of sorting and sorted tree builders without specifying a comparator if the element type is comparable
  • Added structural nodes that allow specific access and placement of nodes
  • Removed the simple collection returned from Node
  • Added size and child iterator methods to Node
  • Added enhanced tree internal iterator for pre-order traversal
  • Targeted Java 8
  • Changed group ID

0.0.9 - Fourth release of API

Sunday July 12 21:12:34 2015

  • Introduced array iterator
  • Rely on default method for Iterator.remove when possible
  • Have EmptyIterator throw UnsupportedOperationException instead of IllegalStateException on remove
  • Address type safety of collections
  • Removed AbstractNode and moved implementation into default methods on the Node interface
  • Substantial changes to the generic types of nodes, introduced distinction between open and closed nodes
  • Fixed unchecked cast warnings
  • Added initial support for Java 8 Streams
  • Replaced NodeMatcher with Java 8 Predicate
  • Expose the comparator of a sorting tree
  • Added findbugs to build and fixed some of the reported issues
  • Altered signature of NodeToTreeConverter and renamed to NodeToRelatedTreeConverter to better restrict the range of source nodes
  • Added abstract implementation of NodeToTreeConverter that copies the tree using a top down builder
  • Removed empty iterator implementation

0.0.10 - TBD

  • Removed unused TreeAware API class
  • Renamed DefaultElementWalker to DefaultWalker and changed DefaultNodeWalker to extend it
  • Bug fixes
  • Added convenience method for obtaining an implementation of the API
  • Refactored walker drivers to avoid recursion
  • Added JoinIterator that combines multiple iterators
  • Renamed traversal driver classes to make clear that they drive the iteration
  • Refactored TreeConverter for MutableTreeImpl to reduce collection copying
  • Allow presizing of ArrayListSimpleCollection
  • Rely on key mapping for immutable nodes instead of multiple SPI components
  • Moved binary search trees into separate module
  • Separated LinkedTree SPI components into separate files
  • Added package-info files to describe packages
  • Moved utility iterators to separate module
  • Moved simple collections to separate module
  • Renamed simple collections package
  • Moved SimpleCollection out of the API module
  • Renamed iterators package
  • Changed the return type of the TreeNodeImpl child iterator as it is final
  • Added SPI component to allow tree implementations to be discovered
  • Moved mutable binary trees into separate module
  • Added rotator for the MutableBinaryTree implementation
  • Added type keys for the tree interfaces
  • Added tree transformation API and provided support for rotation
  • Added multiple overloads to the BottomUpTreeBuilder to help address varargs warnings
  • Added querier for nodes and trees
  • Allow calculation of node height
  • Allow listing of tree paths
  • Added stream support to simple collection
  • Added support for querying if a tree is balanced
  • Added additional matchers based on comparators
  • Added support for applying a reducing function in post-order to a tree or subtree
  • Added module for common reducers
  • Move markdown documentation so that it is also included in generated site