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com.mattunderscore.http.headers - package com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Package for representing HTTP header fields.
compare(Qualified, Qualified) - Method in class com.mattunderscore.http.headers.QualifiedComparator


getHeaderFieldName() - Method in interface com.mattunderscore.http.headers.HeaderFieldNameVerifier
getQualifier() - Method in interface com.mattunderscore.http.headers.Qualified
The qualified weighting.


HeaderFieldCollectionParser<T extends HeaderFieldElement> - Interface in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Parser for header fields that return a collection of elements.
HeaderFieldElement - Interface in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Part of the header field of an HTTP message, stored in a structured way.
HeaderFieldNameVerifier - Interface in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
An interface that used to provide a simple way check against the header field name.
HeaderFieldParser<T extends HeaderFieldElement> - Interface in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Parser for the header field of an HTTP request.


isHeaderFieldName(String) - Method in interface com.mattunderscore.http.headers.HeaderFieldNameVerifier
Test to see if the header field name can be parsed by this parser.


parseElements(String) - Method in interface com.mattunderscore.http.headers.HeaderFieldCollectionParser
Parses a string for a collection of header field elements.
parseField(String) - Method in interface com.mattunderscore.http.headers.HeaderFieldParser
Parses a string for a single header field element.


Qualified - Interface in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
A qualified value.
QualifiedComparator - Class in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Comparator class for Qualified objects.
QualifiedComparator() - Constructor for class com.mattunderscore.http.headers.QualifiedComparator


UnParsableHeaderException - Exception in com.mattunderscore.http.headers
Exception when the value of the header field cannot be parsed.
UnParsableHeaderException(String) - Constructor for exception com.mattunderscore.http.headers.UnParsableHeaderException
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