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Playing with web components?
  Created - 2016/06/23 20:15:54+0000

I've started playing with web components. It started with a previous post . I decided that it needed some code snippets. Recently for work I had been doing this by embedding Gists. It seemed simpler than working out a different way. It was not. Gists are embedded using document.write which is not supported for XML documents. I can't embed Gists onto my XHTML website, sadface. I had been hearing about web components for a while but did not have a use case to build one for. I decided that embed... read more

Did you notice?
  Created - 2016/05/29 18:13:57+0000

Did you notice? Recently I have been posting content more frequently. I have been trying to release something every couple of weeks. I've heard the suggestion that you should write something once a week. I'm not goingto do that. To come up with an idea, flesh it and write it up, it's not something I'm going to try to squeeze into a week. Don't try to follow other peoples advice too closely.

The many different builder patterns
  Created - 2016/05/15 14:38:02+0000

You may have heard of the builder pattern . It's one of the Gang of Four's original design patterns. A builder is an object that provides a method to construct an object and other methods to configure the object to be built. A builder is first configured and then used to construct an object. It sounds simple but there are variants on this pattern. The builder is often considered a good candidate for a fluent interface. A fluent interface makes the builder object easier to configure. Multip... read more

How's TypeScript?
  Created - 2016/04/13 22:23:25+0000

How's TypeScript? I had planned to complain about TypeScript because I couldn't generate the doc the way I wanted. Then I found the flag to fix it so I decieded to say something nice. Documentation generation matters. Yes, TypeScript is a bit better than JavaScript. No I'm not going to change my website to use it any time soon but that is because I'm tired of reqritting my website. I had implemented a simple JavaScript library and application to poll and parse a JSON resource. Then I aske... read more

It has finally happened
  Created - 2016/03/19 20:59:49+0000

It has finally happened. I have finally joined StackOverflow . I don't know how it happened but at least I can stop feeling guilty about reading it all the time.