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  Created - 2012/11/08 20:27:15+0000

My website is an attempt to demonstrate (show off) what I can do and share what I spend my time on. It also allows me to practice and experiment with technologies for dynamically generating web pages. I used to work at a company that used an internally developed application server and libraries to script server side behavior using Tcl scripts. These technologies are not widely used so I thought it would be a good idea to become familiar with more recognized technologies. Server side... read more

AuDAO and building my website
  Created - 2013/03/16 12:01:30+0000

I use a tool called AuDAO to generate the Data Access Objects, Data Transfer Object and SQL. These are generated from an XML description of the tables. I found it very useful and it is a convenient way to access a database from Java. That said it isn't suited for high volume websites, I was unable to find out any information on optimizing performance. The data objects map directly onto the tables generated by the SQL. Much of the functionality provided by databases and SQL is made unavailable because of ... read more

Friendly URLs
  Created - 2013/03/15 23:09:53+0000

Hello, you may have noticed if you are a frequent visitor to my site (cough, google-bot, cough). I have replaced my query string URLs with more friendly ones. This creates shorter and more accessible URLs. The pages of my site are generated dynamically from a database. To identify the values that need to be extracted from the database I pass IDs in the URL. These IDs are used to lookup to content in the database. I was passing these IDs in the query string of the URL. The query string is everything to t... read more

301 redirects
  Created - 2013/03/23 22:17:41+0000

I've added 301 redirects to fix broken links that resulted from restructuring the content negotiation project to a multi-module project. A 301 redirect is a redirect that the indicates that the requested resource has been permanently moved. Restructuring the project meant the generated site had a different layout. I edited the links to this but this created a new version of the pages they were on. The old links are still present on the historic versions of the pages. I have added the 301 redirect to po... read more

Regexp and redirections
  Created - 2013/03/26 22:31:04+0000

Changing the URIs meant I was supporting two types of URIs for the dynamic content. Then I had a better idea. I could use the UrlRewriteFilter and regular expressions to match the old style URI and redirect to the new. I enabled matching on the query string and wrote a regular expression to pick out the IDs. The UrlRewriteFilter does not match over the query string by default, it needs to be enabled. The UrlRewriteFilter uses the regular expression engine in the Java standard library. For the latest... read more